Sunday, October 30, 2011

hello busy-month!

sud i called it busy-sem? huh! no life, no rest, no head! haha. i don't know how to describe about myself lately. how-how-how-wow my life over a month. nope, i don't think it will be end. but, its js beginning! believe me! how can i achieve something in my life? this is my opportunity to be success. believe me, im afraid with my future. oh tedah. this sem im taking 24 cdit hour! im getting stress. everyday is my stress day! i can't manage my time js like before. n also, im afraid if i 'kantoi' for this sem. err! wake up nisya. u can do it.. do it do it! yeah! pls, pls, pls.. manage my time wisely. pls stop tanggung2 asgmnt, job, project, n class also! always think positive! don't get jealous/iri hati of others!!!!! remember, this is ur learning process. belum lagi bekerja. TRY YOUR BEST! pls pls pls. stop say, 'Im done with all of this.' pray to Allah, always, one day u will get what u aim for!!! insyaAllah..

this is my fav quote since 2008. i found it at the calender near lab at FRIM.

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