Monday, January 7, 2013


I'm sad because I am a loser
I'm sad because I'm not a good person
I'm sad because I can't make a thing right
I'm sad because I am who I am
I'm sad because this is not a real me

to whom who may concern,

i miss me.
i miss me.
i miss me.

but now i'm down.
totally lost.
totally sad.
no one could understand me.
because me is me.
listen right: hopeless.

I'm not dying.
but i just freeze.

to whom who may concern,

to Allah i pray for success.
to Allah i pray for happiness.
to Allah i pray for grateful.

beyond imagination:

who could I be?
what should I be?
how could I be?
where should I be?

the main question is: when should I start to be?

my mind freeze - my mind lot of thinking - my mind just stop moving.

what, who, where, how and when: I want to be?

I say i love myself. they say i just love myself.
In this whole world...
I'm lost for everything.

to whom who may concern: believe in yourself. you may could make thing right. this is world. which lot of suffer. listen to earth. be real. be you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Assalamualaikum 2013!

it's 2013! heyloooooooooo uoolllllllss!

sesungguhnya, setiap tahun, saya tak pernah ade azam.

tapi tahun ni, ape kata pasang azam..

dear 2013,
please be clever with me.
i want to have a husband this year (ayat berani mati)
i want grads this year in 1st class (haha! pray pray pray*)
to have a job
to live happy
make everybody smile!
be a better person

ehmmm.. tak nak banyak2. tkt tak mampu.
hahah! no idea for my 2013!
i hope 2013 is more nicer than before!

hanisah hanisah! u can u can u can!!