Sunday, October 30, 2011

hello busy-month!

sud i called it busy-sem? huh! no life, no rest, no head! haha. i don't know how to describe about myself lately. how-how-how-wow my life over a month. nope, i don't think it will be end. but, its js beginning! believe me! how can i achieve something in my life? this is my opportunity to be success. believe me, im afraid with my future. oh tedah. this sem im taking 24 cdit hour! im getting stress. everyday is my stress day! i can't manage my time js like before. n also, im afraid if i 'kantoi' for this sem. err! wake up nisya. u can do it.. do it do it! yeah! pls, pls, pls.. manage my time wisely. pls stop tanggung2 asgmnt, job, project, n class also! always think positive! don't get jealous/iri hati of others!!!!! remember, this is ur learning process. belum lagi bekerja. TRY YOUR BEST! pls pls pls. stop say, 'Im done with all of this.' pray to Allah, always, one day u will get what u aim for!!! insyaAllah..

this is my fav quote since 2008. i found it at the calender near lab at FRIM.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My panel presentation.

eceh. tajuk nk skema. ok mmg poyo. here is my panel presentation that i create for class introduction to computer aided design. before i create this panel, 1st thing 1st I hv to decide what concept should i use. so i choose classical concept. why? because of the product is usual and nothing to improve. so, target user pun golongan yang relax2 je sambil guna produk itu. oh ya, my product is ashtray. im using software RHINO to create the 3D product and edit it into adobe photoshop.

'OLD-MAN ashtray'

Product by RHINO 4.0
Layout by Adobe Photoshop CS3
Product render by RHINO 4.0
Rendering by Adobe Photoshop CS3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 Sept - 15 Oct 2011

mencatat sejarah! sebulan yg gile! sangat-sangat gile. sebulan tu jugak rasa down tersangat-sangat. sebulan tu jugak rasa kesibukan tersangat-sangat. sebulan tu jugak saya kepenatan < since jd outsider ni. adeh. oh ya, not forgotten, sebulan yang sangat-sangat MALAS! haha.. awal-awal semester lagi sudah mls. bukan saje mls, malah mcm gile. i don't know how to describe myself in this early semester. mcm tak ada life! i repeat, TIDAK ADA LIFE! ada rasa nk ketuk kepala ke dinding, lalu tidur selama seminggu. seminggu je tak boleh lebih kalau tak confirm kene buang dr unimas. haha! tak sanggup den nk repeat balik whole year! omai..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wherever you are in your life, sometimes its good to just to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, think of your roots and go HOME.

tidak ada semangat.

sesungguhnya, pada semester ini, awal2 sem.. aku sudah jatuh tersungkur. that for real. got so many probs inside my head. the major probs is -> communication with my lect. I don't know why. bukan nk tunjuk pandai. sikit pun tak de rasa ego dalam hati. ya Allah, aku berdoa supaya dibuka pintu hati lect utk menerima pendapat aku seadanya. insyaAllah. semoga tuhan memperkenankan doaku.

“Doing your best means never stop trying.”