Friday, October 21, 2011

My panel presentation.

eceh. tajuk nk skema. ok mmg poyo. here is my panel presentation that i create for class introduction to computer aided design. before i create this panel, 1st thing 1st I hv to decide what concept should i use. so i choose classical concept. why? because of the product is usual and nothing to improve. so, target user pun golongan yang relax2 je sambil guna produk itu. oh ya, my product is ashtray. im using software RHINO to create the 3D product and edit it into adobe photoshop.

'OLD-MAN ashtray'

Product by RHINO 4.0
Layout by Adobe Photoshop CS3
Product render by RHINO 4.0
Rendering by Adobe Photoshop CS3

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