Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

quotes for today

"The moment you think of giving up, 
think of the reason why you held on for long"

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6.42 pm

between further study and hunting a job.

i got a plan to further study, and i got it.
but all sudden i need money.
i've to forget all my plan before.

did i?

should i?

i feeling so stress here.

but what im doing actually?

nowadays i feel 


to be continue*

Never knew I needed

When she start to love song, it feel like he'll be mine forever.

and now she knew,
unexpected guy who live on the screen actually hers.

plan changing, she's now totally in love.

p/s: i love you, Mr. Y.

it's happen.

i suddenly feel giving up.
i couldn't go through it.
masalah kewangan, masalah family.
duit, penting duit tu.
nk makan duit, nak minum duit.
nak hidup duit.

i want to get married. really want.

but it's seem too hard for me to handle.

rasa gv up study even im not entering it yet.

it's all about money actually.

i need to let it go.

but then, where else need i go?

aku tak pandai cari duit. that's the main issues.

what else?


Friday, January 3, 2014

Keep drunk.

Then, today I keep  listening to this song.


i do miss my Mr. Y! why larrrr why??

i love him. kbai..

Finish line.

Woeeeeewww!! On Oct. 24, i wrote this! hahahah.. lots of meaning actually ayat diatas. yes, ayat diatas adalah atas tergantung. sebab that what im actually feel when i start to think about you. so, today, i want to finish the lyric. because you've safe me from drowning. thank you. 

Dear Mr. Y, this is for you;

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow...


She's falling

The thing i had realized, when i read this;

I don't know how and when it happen, but when i read those word above, you are what i'm thinking about.
I pray to Allah, please this time make it real. i had enough broken before. failed, what i feel.

Dear 2014, i hope i could start something precious this year. no more berangan. now it's time to make a right move.

Dear Mr. Y, i wish we will get together soon. this time for real. in sha Allah.

"When just being together is enough"

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year 2014!!!

ya Allah, aku lupe nk tulis blog about last year punye moment. hahahha! hmm.. weh, boleh tak campur campur ruang menulis? hahah! well, dgr mercun baru terigt, it's 2014 already! hamaigaaaaaaaaaddd! cant believe that.. dapat jugak cecah 2014. dipanjang kan umur. i will be 26 this year. ramai kot memember dah kawen. alhamdulilah. aku? apa cita? pa cita? hahahha! still here. counting stars. in sha Allah. semoga Allah permudahkan jodohku dengan Mr. Y. so what i wish for this year, hmm.. oh wait, i dont want to look back at previous life in 2013. early 2013 really suck! i have a bad relationship b4 this. when i think back, im not supposed to be with him! hahhahaha its ok its alright. everything happen for the reason right? keep calm and dance. eleh. mcm tak match je. hhihi..

holiday season:
this year, its start on January alhamdulilah i got to go back to Makkah and Madinah to do my umrah. syukur sgt dapat pergi lagi. tp sbnrnye g sane tak pernah puas. later on in sha Allah mohon Allah murahkan rezeki utk aku ke sane lagi. tempat paling aman pernah aku jejaki. then on Sept, i fly with my family to Jakarta and Bandung. what im gonna say is, that place su**!!! hahahhahahha!!! aku pon tatahu knp aku tak suke g sane!! ok enough say! tu je vacation termahal aku pg utk this year. for next year? syhhh.. no answer for that.. hhihi..

after struggling to get degree, alhamdulilah i got finish it this year! syukur again. it seems like this year byk rezeki aku dapat utk study. after finish my degree, i got plan to further study. well, it's start with unimas. niat dalam hati tak nk smbung unimas tp terasa mcm rezeki kat sane byk. but aku akhirnye try msk uitm then i got it. unfortunately, still my mind tak nk dua-dua. aku mohon pada Allah swt, aku cuba buat solat istikarah for the 1st time, alhamdulilah i got an offer from UPM! seriously??? i feel like, ya Allah, start from that aku mule percaya kekuasaan dan kelebihan melakukan solat istikarah. so for now, i stick with upm and will register on this year, 2014. plan nk smbung oversea masih menebal. cuma aku kini serahkan pada kuasa Allah. aku sgt percaya Dia ada plan tuk aku. aku perlu berusaha shj..

love, i js dont know how to explain. 2013, really really make me confuse about love. hahahahha! sound funny. well, when i let my previous boy go, i feel like, is it for real? sebab niat kat hati mmg nk kat die swg je.. hahaha! lucu lah.. rupanya, again, Allah nk aku jmpe lelaki yg sebenarnye. in sha Allah. tu lah die. aku bertahan mcm mn pon, kalau dah jodoh tu ALlah je yg tau, DIa jugak lah yg tau. i admit, at 1st its hard for me to get him inside. i started to hate love, think about unmarried life. i think it might be ok for me. but when he came into my life, again, im doing my solat istikarah. aku tak cakap 'tak' to him. i just follow my heart. ALlah, u save me. u gv me Mr. Y. and now both of us #countingstars and i hope our plan will go as well. i cant believe, im with someone who actually closed to me, yet still i dont know he might be the one until today, you are the person i dream of. thank you love. no more pretending. 

alhamdulilah.. everything going well. 

ramai dah kawen!!! ahhahahhahah! aku tidak mampu menahan ketawaku.

i think that enough for moment in 2013. 2013 really bigger change for me. from 25 to 26, i hope i can more mature to face the future. 

well, 2014! welcome to you. 
i will be 26 on this year.
prepare you self for a real battle. excuse no more.

2014, i talk about career.