Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For now..

Alhamdulilah. release semua tension. this week sudah tidak se-busy week2 yang lepas. from now on, i have to arrange back my schedule. insyaAllah, jgn lalai lagi seperti sebelum2 ini. jgn hilangkan semangat seperti sebelum ini. i only have 2 month left. nk cover balik study2 sebelum ini. nk cover balik project2 yg mn tak perfect seperti sebelum ini. this time to speed up the gear! sem ni tk ade ape2 target utk pointer. haha! weird izinit? sem ini ubah strategi. target dgn study sahaja. in the end, js see the result. which strategi yg better. hmm.. now its 4.46 in the morning. watchaaaa! still draw the part of dashboard FLX.

ncha hawari. :)

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