Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fashion rules.

HELLO PEEPS! we meet again. hihi. anyway, tonight i want to share something for those who want to looks fashionable. It's not my real article, but i found it in http://fashionrules.info/ This article is about 'wanna look smart?' So, enjoy reading this. Reading is good for adding knowledge btw. :)

Fashion is something great, it’s beyond ordinary thinking. Fashion pro people have really advanced thinking; they keep their pace with the changing time. Fashion has a reflection in everything, especially in the clothing. Layout your clothes as how you will look as the best one.

Check all the proportions. Before putting on the clothes like jackets, scarves and belts, re-arrange them for getting your desired look.

Mix and match your jewelry to make your wardrobe an impressive one. Height is not that important for choosing the shoes, but you should keep your body shape in mind for buying them. Do not go for shopping on impulse; you should plan before buying your shirts or pants, take your body type and colors under consideration.

Think about your lifestyle, (my idea - for those who have a skin allergic like me, u should wear something smooth and make sure the fabric is cold and suitable for your skin. Don't harsh your skin just want to be fashionable, it's really bad idea anyway) buy the things based on your lifestyle, are they comfortable enough and are the items easy to wear. Do the clothing appropriate for you to wear? Is it of a good quality? Be practical for buying your outfits. Make sure that you have new shoes and other accessories, to go with the new outfits. A jacket or scarf over the new outfit may give a different look to you.

There are different styles and shapes of the clothes. Short high collars shorten the necks. A long necklace can make your neck appear longer. Tight tops with the short sleeves and breast pocket, takes away the beauty of your figure. Wearing shoes with straps, give shorten look of your legs.

Torso (tubuh badan) can be narrowed or shortened with the seam lines, bows, belts and collars. Hanging down a scarf or belt towards your legs make the legs look longer, and you can create an illusion with the knitted texture, lace, prints, floras and plaids..

That all for tonight. Flying you a kiss... :p