Tuesday, October 5, 2010

major ke kursi? ahaa..

Ok. now im blur-blur.. disebabkan pemilihan major for next sem.
yes, of coz im in industrial design. but, suddenly teringat cita-cita dan minat dahulu yg tak kesampaian - to be a fashion designer.

fashion is full of glamor. but the most thing is.. "
fashion is not a luxury" - sarah jessica parker.
get it? fashion is something colourful. cheerful. can create mood. for those who always think - what sud i wear for tomorrow? (this always happen at me).. jgn salah pilih theme pemakaian sudah. be fashionable. then peeps will looks at u wherever u are. it's nice right? hehe.. attract eyes of peeps. for me, strategy of color is must important in fashion. "Without colors there is no attraction in the fashion world so colors are the most important part of the fashion trend." - http://fashionrules.info/

so, the conclusion of tonight is - still thinking about both majoring.
hope Allah will give me some solution, amin...

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