Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Afternoon..

Hello hi. how are you today? i'm fine. anyway, i was thinking about get in majoring again. maybe i'll get into industrial design. why? - because it's a lot of job out there. not really actually, bak kata my mentor - u as a designer got a lot of job out there as long as u hardworking. no matter which designer u r. fashion got a lot of competition especially from uitm n lim kok wing college right? so, think wisely. which one is better for me? ape2 pon my hope is - boleh smbg master at Aussie!!! go baby go! hihi.. bpk pon dh bg restu g study sane as long as i belajar betul2.. so, the conclusion is, i need to work hard to get my dream! it's not only just a dream, but it's really my vision. pray for me peeps! insyaAllah... :)

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