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tengah2 print kad kahwin sekali ternampak article ni. most of it mmg sgt2 betui. especially yang last sekali. sangat penting utk cari bakal suami yang terima kita dan melepaskan apa yang telah berlalu. toooooo important to handle! kalau tak mmg the rest of your life lah rasa bersalah, terhina dan sebagainya. i felt it, once, before. but currently, alhamdulilah, dapat future husband yang mmg betui2 terima kite, tak pernah mention anything pasal my past. i am so surprised! saya pernah bersama dengan lelaki baik, lelaki jahat. tapi semua same. no kidding. no lying. this is for real. huhu. alhamdulilah bersyukur dapat lelaki yang paling match gan kite. hehe! i love you sayang to the max! betui lah. hanya Allah yang dapat tentukan jodoh kite. 

Signs That Your Relationship Can Last

Relationships are not always perfect. They can be full of happy or sad moments too or even both; however there are ways to understand if your romantic relationship is strong.

Not all relationships last. Not only because there are big problems, but also because people are not willing to find solutions for smaller problems.

The following signs can't tell for sure if your relationship will last. However they are very important clues that you relationship is strong and can last, as long as you and your partner are willing to try.

1) You can trust each other.

Even though trust should be essential for every relationship, there are people who can't trust each other and also people who can't be faithful. The first category has to do with people who are introverts, afraid or hurt from past relationships. All these prevent them from being happy with their significant other. The second category has to do with people who are afraid too. What they fear isn't the point. The point is that they tell lies to their partner or they even become unfaithful. If you have a relationship that is based on mutual trust, then you must be happy, because maybe this is the hardest thing to find in a relationship.

2) You can cheer each other up.

When you have a bad day and your partner finds a way to make you smile, then you know he/she is the right one for you. If you always run to him/her first, when you have a problem, then that's a sign too. This person is understanding and comforting towards you, who needs something more from his relationship? If you can actually talk to each other about your problems, your thoughts and your deepest fears, without hesitation, and if you can also be good listeners and can find solutions to help the other person, then maybe you are meant to be together!

3) Differences bring you closer to each other

Some people are constantly trying to find their "perfect match", a person who shares the same interest with them, likes the same music, the same movies, the same way of having fun. That's so stupid. You can't find a person who's the same with you and if you do find him/her, then, believe me, you'll be bored very soon! People are meant to be different, that's their beauty: to share different thoughts and learn from it. So if you do have some differences with your significant other, then you should wonder if you're ok with it. Some people find it hard to compromise while some others love the variety of opinions! If you belong in the second category, that's very good for you!

4) You respect each other's personal space

Another common problem in romantic relationship is the pressure. Many people tend to become compulsive because of their jealousy for the other person that reveals a low self esteem. So, they don't let the other person breathe, they want to be with him/her all the time and they ask them about everything in an interrogative way. That's a thing that can ruin a relationship. Even if the other person loves you and is totally faithful to you, there will be a time when he won't be able to stand the pressure any more. In addition, it gets boring if you spend all of your time with the other person. A healthy relationship means that you spend some time on your own.

5) The past is over

In my opinion, a relationship shouldn't even start if one has feelings for his ex. Of course, a new love interest can ease the pain a break up has caused. However, if the feelings for the previous relationship are not over, then a new, serious relationship shouldn't start. The choice to let the past go and be in the present allows both people to more fully enjoy everything that the other has to offer.

Even if these signs do not appear in your relationship, this article can still help you improve. If you change some things in your behaviour, your relationship can eventually get better. However both you and your partner should be willing to change. 

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