Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's 2015 already. i have not write anything for a long time. masya Allah.

Achievement? you guys asking for what I've DONE at 2014?

Definitely NOTHING!

what I can remember for now is vacation to Taipei. that all.

that was because i am accompany my mum to her meeting at Taipei.

that it!

again, I am feel so damn loser gile bab!
still hating my research, do you think should I keep moving with my current study?
I never fell this hatred. How I am supposed to live?

cari kerja tak jumpa2. nak berhenti belajar my parents tak bagi.
what the heck?

All I wish is 2015 please be nice for me.
I had left 2014 with the dumbest thing ever.

Should I quit my study? They keep saying, do not giving up.
but the thing is, I am no longer strong like before.
I think I should go through the mix mode course. I am not able to do my research. I still need guide. I am not able to do all the thing/ decision by my own.

sadly I felt.

No one could understand my situation now.


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