Friday, October 4, 2013

concert wannabe

kesian kite baru tahu mende ni today.

gile! a place i want to go. tak tahu why lately tibe2 rasa nk g concert.
well, i never been go to any concert before. how sadly.
ala, just for an experience kan? just once, probably. 
hihihi. my friend try to get a ticket for me. but it's quite expensive.
its ok lah. kalau dapat, dpt lah, kalau tak.. hhihii.. senyum saje.
but i love one republic. i heard almost of their songs.
but i much prefer to go maroon5 or muse. 
so, if tak dapat nevermind lah. hihi.. 

i hope it will be amazing! hihihi..:)

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