Thursday, July 7, 2011

my first product using 3ds max.

Hello everybody! tonight i was so boring. and i always keep asking myself, bile lagi nk study software ni. tgu punye tgu tenaga pengajar selama almost over a
month, tk juga muncul. so i decide to learn by myself. then, the first thing i'm doing is, google tutorial for 3ds max. then i found so many tutorial. actually, Ms. Sal already gave me a few of website for tutorial. but, it's more to graphic design. but, I still can learn graphic for my panel presentation right? slowly. now, i just finish my cup. yes, i know. my cup quite diff from the real one. yep, mmg sengaja memendekkan object supaya kelihatan mcm cup. unfortunely, bahagian holder die agak kecik. mngkin tak sesuai kot. hihi.. tu lah follow tutorial sgt. hihi. ok, lets scroll down beyybehhh!
now, im presenting...

"chamini cup"

for your information, this tutorial takat ni je sbb maksaleh tu ckp, after this, baru die akan ajar rendering. takat ni je pon, nmpk simple.. tp beginner mcm i ni nyah, mmg tersengguk2 lah nk paham ape maksaleh ni ckp. siap mntk tlg org translate kan. ape pnye slang tah. terbelit-lebit lidahku menyebutnye. but, the weak of this tutorial is, it js show the screen not keyboard. so, kene dengar wisely apa yg di sebut maksaleh ni. hihi..

btw, inilah tutorial yg saya follow. sharing is caring. bluerkkkk!!!

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