Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my birthday.

today is my birthday. but, believe me, its just like another day.. haha! biasak lah. last celeb2 ni tahun bile tah. i can't rmbr that. btw, sud i say 'Happy birthday to myself?' haha. u decide. what can i story about my life earlier? hmm.. what did i achieve in this 23rd of birth? lets back to 2006. why 2006? because at that time i'm 18. nothing to think, just wanna have fun. haha! well, js finish my spm. so, the new era has began. after UPU result come out, i din got any place. so, so, disappointed. well, i try to learn sew. haha! believe me! cooking is much easier than sew. so, I can't stand. so, i decide to stop from that institute. I can't remember what the name of that institute. then, suddenly, around November, friend of mine has told me than did i get any result from politechnic? so, i decide to check it, n i was really, really shock! i got Diploma Wood Based Tech at poli shah alam. wood what???? ohh, so wtv. i try to change my course, unfortunely, that dekan said, CANNOT change unless u quit from this politeknik than apply for july intake. hah? so, i have to stand for more 3 years! n its really2 madness! make me sick n so on. but, i try to calm myself. try to study hard. than, i was surprised with my result. 3.46. ehe... not bad izinit? i mean, for a girl like me.. daaa... but, my heart actually still can't accept my wood. haha! wood-heart betui lah. then, i become lazy, rebel, n so on. and, what i got? 2 repeat papers. ahahhh!!! good for u nisya! well done. then after doing my practical at FRIM, i try to manage my study wisely. for real, i think i only study hard when in semester 6. really2 hard. plus carried 2 papers! i really want to grad on time. i don't want extend. hah! i did it! im so happy for my self at that time! someone who want to change her course at first successfully grad at last! alhamdulilah. after grad, I hv no idea what to do. so, i worked at my sis place. omai, i have to face traffic jam, EVERYDAY! Gmbk - Pandan Indah. god. help me! but, im only lasted for 2 month worked there. you want know what is my reason to quit? its because.. I DON'T KNOW! ahhaha! for real, im not working girl type. ok fine, let me guess - its might because i'm nerdy! agaga. ok, then after i quit that job, stay home like hell for 2 month before i got UPU result again. yes! in this time, i got at Sarawak. madness again. nasib-nasib. but I think perhaps this is what the best for me. still, my heart like kayu lah. but in this time, I try to tabahkan hati. ok2, i lied. for real, i try to apply for uitm Dec intake. well, i got an industrial design course. hmm.. when i think wisely, maybe unimas is the right place for me. so, here i am. nisya hawari, student of unimas. so, I can't wait to finish my study so I can buy a Mazda 2! or is there somebody out there want to gv me Audi R8. my pleasure. ngeeeee!

oh ya, happy 23rd birthday nisya. :)

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