Monday, September 15, 2014


Bidang research ni sgt meluas. eeerrr.. actually i have a lot of thing to story. but i will start with my favorite part of my life. 10 August 2014 was my favorite date in my life, so far. I have been proposed by my hunny bumby boyfriend. of should i call him now pre-fiance. kekekke.. Alhamdulilah, everything goes smoothly. Our relationship are accepted by our parent. Now, we are in level one. there is a lot of level waiting. probably in Nov or Jan i will do my official kenduri for my engagement ceremony. ok. that another part of my life. next is my career. Alhamdulilah, so far i get clear what my research is about. yurp, before this, my research plan has become so worst. not i mean worst. i feel hanging. now i have to back on track, plan my research wisely. if not, i bet i can't finish my research on time just because of my laziness habit. next, i have a dream/plan to doing research attachment overseas. perhaps Australia. but, my cousin give suggestion to me to go to Netherlands! facepalm* currently, im still searching for any Univ which suitable on my research. i'm also have dream/plan to make my own conference in overseas! so far, im already ask a person who has once doing her conference in Korea. it's not too hard unless u r lazy to search an opportunity. May Allah bless my doa. amin.

There is a lot of changing in life. positive changing. and i hope i will last forever. yeah, for sure Allah will give lots of trials, to make sure we are in good track. but no matter what, we as a him servant, have to deal with it. in sha Allah. thank you Allah.

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