Tuesday, April 8, 2014

YEAR 2003

hamaigaddd! i found this through youtube, yea obviously! hahah!

throwback almost all my fav song, beyonce, sean paul, justin timberlake, ashanti! hamaigad!

masa ni form 3.. haha! layan hitz.fm je time tu.. best gile weh! ahahhaha! i miss those moment.

i miss my past! best sgt2!! g party. having fun with friend. haha! do illegal thing, lepakkkkkkk klcc, sg wang.. masalah sosial yang sgt2 besttttt! it really teach me a lot. memberontak je keje. haha! tak mcm sesetengah org yg tahu follow je family rules kan? thumb down. booooo!


paling best, when i found out my bf also having a same moment with me. layan lagu yang same. situation a bit different, but still masalah remaja yang memberontak tu ade. hahah! that make me really fall for you Yazid. you really truthfully understand my life!

i think we are really meant together. in sha Allah.

counting stars to the next level within this year. Alhamdulilah, thanks for being so serious with me, struggle to have a life with me. a big thank you.

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