Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wish list updated

Dulu dulu dulu, wish list aku ini. eh? 

❒ buy an apartment

❒ get a dean list for my next semester
❒ continue study in abroad 
❒ be a great researcher!
❒ lose my weight to 48 kg!
❒ get a Mazda 3
❒ buy an iMac
❒ improve my english.
❒ get married at 30. eh, ni pun nk masuk jugak ke?

knp dah ilang dari blog? sebab aku rasa mcm tak layak dapat semua ni..
no no, mende penting mcm ni mn boleh hilang dari kotak pemikiran. haha.. 
now, i need to create the new one. or maybe just improve my wish list before? hahaha..


❒ finish my master in at least a year and half

❒ be a great researcher!
❒ buy an apartment/ house before 30
❒ further study in abroad
❒ work out on fat belly
❒ get a Mazda 3
❒ improve my english
❒ get married with Yzid and hv babies

yet, my mind still loading the idea. what i really want in my life.

to be continue...

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