Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey, I am in love.

a few weeks ago, i said how im afraid to fall again.

after i done my solat istikarah, alhamdulilah i follow my heart and i am in love again.

alhamdulilah for now, my love life going up! i shouldn't feel worried to fall again. i have a new boyfriend! yeeeayyy! ok, my plan now is keep moving forward. study hard. be what i want to be. i want to study abroad. i want to be a researcher. i want to be a enthusiastic person. i want and i have to be.

and now i have a few things i start to falling.

i love my family, i love my boyfriend, i love my friend.
i love iphone 5s, i love macbook pro, i love travelling, i love aaargghhh! i got so many thing i want in my life.
omaigod, omaigod, omaiiiigooooddddd.
i have to work hard.
don't give up. don't forget to pray.
just live your life.

keep blessing.

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