Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Alhamdulilah, my second meeting with my supervisor running smoothly. hihi.. I'm now surrounding with intellectual person, which are research officer, future lecture and others. I'm glad for who I am now. Just feeling glad, not yet proud. this is my opportunity to develop my self into the world. Surrounding with intellectual people, make me feel enthusiastic. They really inspired me. someday I will stand on the top of the world. living a life like this make me feel so energetic. well, i still keep my dream to study abroad. in sha Allah. Phd still waiting for me. who know perhaps someday i will become one of the most leading person in whole world. in sha Allah again. i learn, i learn and i learn. Allah always there for me. lets think, Allah give me a body, a soul then why waste it? be someone useful. not useless.

*i need to get improve of my english phrase. tee hee~

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