Thursday, October 3, 2013


N.Y cinta
I love this movie so much! but, i hate the ending. aih? mcm tu je?
then dgn si johan yg like a pfffttthh! i hate him. ape lah.. nonsense.
but the best part, when Mia in NY. how she falling in love with Seth.
i love Seth, but he such a loser. but, in the end, he try to move on and change his faith after falling in love with Mia. lg seronok kalau die boleh tnjk Seth tu berjaya. he js fly from NY to Msia js to explain to mia about sarah. that's it? cinta sakan kau. haha. well, that probably the best part. try to change  ur self, for your love one. how lovely. kita bukan bercinta cuma hanya utk nafsu. tp kalau someone tu boleh buat kite berubah utk lebih baik, itu adalah yg terbaik sbnrnye.

i try this b4. to change my ex attitude. unfortunately, still he going down. so, the best thing is to let him go.

well, i love me. now and forever.
this movie makes me want to further my study in New York. no just NY, but i want to explore west side. in sha Allah. i will work hard to achieve my dream! :)

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