Wednesday, October 30, 2013

he is the best thing? did he?

hari ni aku private kan acc blog aku supaya aku sorang je boleh baca dan mngarut swg2.. ahha!

today i made a mistake. huge mistake i guess.

i'm start to falling in love with someone. i know i shouldn't do it.
but my heart pounds everything he text me.
he lots of caring. supportive. happiness.
but i'm just afraid to fall again.
afraid to lose somebody.
i should be strong.

sigh* ponder*

i shouldn't fall in love. i shouldn't fall in love. i shouldn't fall in love.

keep my dream to study abroad. i don't think i can make it. T.T

i know someday i will leave him. just like a man before.

easily for me to falling in love right?
how i miss my past. but i have to let it go. throw away that memories.
because i don't want my past. i want my future.

sometimes parent talk about marriage, i feel like, ouuuwii! i like to heard that.

unfortunately, im afraid of that thing.
everybody keep saying that marriage is full of happiness.
but the one thing i keep thinking is responsible.
i hate this feeling, really hate this feeling.
please, dear love, please go away for a while.
i promise to you, you can come back after i ready to face it, again.

i can't keep my promise to love you forever.

how to do it? how to deal with it?

life full of sadness.

back to religion, keep pray to Allah, my Lord.
well, Alhamdulilah thanks Allah for giving me this love feeling i really appreciate it.

love is so complicated.

i don't want to hurt anybody heart anymore.

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