Wednesday, July 3, 2013


kadang-kadang terfikir,
'kalau lah aku tahu aku berada di industrial design field,' memang dari dulu lagi aku apply awal2, gain knowledge awal-awal. ini tidak, dah ke depan mcm ni nak catch up balik, nak mula dari awal balik, mmg payah. 'the only reason why i didn't apply for design field is because i'm afraid to step forward. design need sense. and i don't think i have that sense. furthermore, i don't have any skills related to drawing, sketching etc.' come on-lah, practice make perfect. the more you gain, the more you will get. insyaAllah, if i get a chance later, I will make it real. it's not about time, but it's all about how you manage your self. one day, I hope, I can be someone who really can depends of. amin.

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