Monday, October 15, 2012

My final year project

Hello and a very good Midnight to everybody. haha! the time here already 12.52 am. and of cos im not sleep yet and keep research about my FYP. wow! im in final year! i really cant imagine it. what im going to be next? after my grads? what what and what? what is my dream now? im not going to be useless person. surely i want to have a successful life. why? because i want to be a great idol for my child and everybody. hihi. and i want to help my family to increase standard of life. ecece. takan hidup nak harap ehsan parent je kan? ok, now back to my FYP. my final year, my project... for real, i really dont have any idea what going to be my final. since my boyfriend keep bubbling, why u dont have any tittle yet? why dont u listen to me? why why and why? ok boyfriend, trust me. how many times u hv scold me, but still......i will stick with my decision. hihihi. stubborn head. tee hee.. for real, what im do is what i comfort with. dont get me wrong.. :) what is the point if i just listen to everybody, but then, i don't like. i always searching for my passion in something i love to do. right? haha.. ok, that enough. 

Denis-brown show

can u see the shoe above? ya, ok, this is what im going to do with my FYP. yes, its shoes/foot othosis for kids who suffer from Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) or clubfoot. it is interesting? of cos yes! and actually i never imagine that my FYP will be a medical product. so, this is what im going to do for my whole final year. my aim for my FYP is to give something can distribute and use by community. something that people want, people searching and of cos can give some hope for somebody who really need it. insyaAllah. wish me all the best. i just cant wait to see my 17's convocation day! ahha. and it will be on next Oct 2013! yippi!!! 

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