Monday, August 13, 2012

masker masker!

it's sound like busker busker (one of band group from korea) ho yeay! of course i'm not K-pop fan! teehee..
last week, my friend suggest me to buy this face mask in Daiso. of course it's so cheap around 1000KRW = MYR3.

so I bought not one, but three! haha. 2 x pore tightening and 1 x aqua..
and my review is, i much prefer the Source RX Aqua. maybe my skin is dry. and in Korea now is summer season. i don't know why, when i wearing the tightening one makes my face a bit painful (pedih) ouch! maybe i not suitable to use this pore tightening face mask. =,=

but, i really like this product. teehee.. u want? just try it! ^_^)v

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