Thursday, August 16, 2012

How it's feel?

Most of them dah abes LI. but i'm here, still working. and i don't like this. =,=

How it's feel when berhari raya in oversea? and my answer is, i will never ever do this again! 
no more! betapa sakit jiwa berhari raya di perantauan. hati memerontak nak balik berhari raya! only Allah know how I feel. even im already set in my mind, keep counting for next week, still, i can't. im feel so weak. and i don't like this. plis ya Allah, percepatkan tarikh ku ke Seoul. atleast.. in Seoul i can walk around. and i'll forget how nice raya. i will forget my family. then on 28 Aug, they will come to Seoul to take me! horee! oh, plis. i miss my whole family, i miss my boyfriend, i miss my car, i miss my home. and 31.8 i will going back to Msia. then, I will miss Korea. haha! believe me! 

Kenang nasib diri di perantauan. 

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