Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saem yeon jalan-jalan.

konon-konon buat research kat center...tapi..

when bored strikes! mcm ni punye org pun ade ke? hahah!

we are going to Saem yeon to watch Dark Knight
the story so-so for me.

Dinner time:

"밥 : Rice"

Again, tudung herot merot? in Korea, I don't care bebeh! ahha.
price for one person is 7,000 KRW = around 21 MYR

the Restaurant. I don't know the real name. but i try to write the huruf above...
'bab se' kot. aaaahhh! 
failed, i need to improve my korea lang. huh~

Food rating: paling delicious!

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