Tuesday, July 17, 2012


today, after finish our work, we going eat dinner at kedai hijau/green shop. haha! actually we don't know what the name of that shop..so we suka-suka-hati. hihih.. u want to know what i ate? aaah.. forget already the name. below is our side dish. its called  Tteokbokki !!!! sedap dan sedap dan sedap. hiihhi.. 

then, we going down.. well, awak perlu tahu yang Univ. saya terletak di atas bukit yang tinggi~
oh ya, at first plan nk g hair cut sahaja. almost semua kedai di bawah TUTUP. oh, feel so disappointed bebey! sekali my friend, Lee screamed like this "Hey! i saw kedai rambut!!!".. cepat2 saya bpaling. oh syabas dear. mata u sharp sekali. hihhi.. after we ask the price, we need to wait about 1 hour. because so many customer inside. so we decide to drink coffee.. well, Korea sangat terkenal dgn coffee. even after eating, they MUST go to coffee cafe. and lepak, and chating, and lepak and chating. haha.

How niceeee! 

then, after drink coffee, i pergi potong rambut! it's price 10,000 KRW, around rm30. ^_^v

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