Friday, May 4, 2012

new life! not so new lah weh!

hello and good Evening. actually dah midnight dah. now im in TAZ. yes, i applied for college before past sem break. what to story here? i got a lot of story actually. since im in college, im become photographer! hoye! not so hoye lah.. its all because for merit college! photographer for college's event. hahhhh! so hard to get home nowadays. pindah sane, pindah sini. serious! rasa dah berkecamuk, remuk, teremuk dsb. :D lately i feel so miserable. semua org saya marah. include my bf. oh, syg pls dont mad at me. js now he ask me, what is ur probs anyway? why u become so hard like thisss..??? its all about, myself. ya lah, igt senang nk sesuaikan diri? i mean, pindah there, here. its so hard. balik je ptg td terus kemas bilik. buat diri betui2 selesa gan bilik. and now.. TADAAA! im feel so much relieved, ya atleast.. much comfort than before. sekarang baru semangat nk buat assignment! well, there is a lot of thing want to story. but, grr.. dont want waste my time. time is always tik tok! i knew i can do it! pray me for success! insyaAllah. :) p/s: saya suke jam dinding baru saya! -pic cant upload because of stupid internet-

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