Tuesday, July 12, 2011


im feel so gv up! try to make simple Roy Lichtenstein style in AI and APshop. and the result is so disappointed!

It start with...

At this time, i searching for Width Tool (Shift+W)... suddenly i realize, in the tutorial, he's using AI CS 5, while im using CS 3. im not really sure about the tool, so, i decide to use live paint bucket. i don't know how to colour the bodies n so on. so, I just continue the next step because, I'm so so so....... stuck with this drawing!

then, im feel so stuck in my head! because i cudn't finish my first drawing.

so, I decide to give up!

the drawing sud be like this!!! at first I think it easy for me to doing this. eheh.. whatever it is, i will try again. but, later.. :D

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